La tecnología al “servicio” de la educación

A relatively common scenario today is seeing a young child playing with an electronic device, usually a cell phone that probably belongs to a parent. On many occasions, it happens that the telephone held by the hypothetical infant exists for the sole purpose of “pacifying” the minor, while the adults around him are in turn gawking at their own terminals

With regard to the latter we are not going to refer at this time; this is a problem? that it has already been mentioned enough in different articles; the lack of interpersonal communication between individuals due to the irruption in our lives of distractions caused by today’s hyper-connected society

With regard to infants, the problems are not only of a physical nature, there are them in bulk (tendinitis, lumbago inflammation, vision problems, neck pain). The most worrisome problems, on a personal basis, are of a social and developmental nature, the lack of early interaction with their family environment, the relegation of parental training tasks that new generations seem to embrace (the telephone becomes the babysitter of the little ones)

Quite apart from the corrections that should be taken on a personal level by all parents regarding their children, the community of IT professionals should make common cause against the problem. We have created solutions to stay connected to the world all the time from anywhere; Isn’t it the time to look for alternatives to disconnect?



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